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We’re here to teach you everything you need to know about one of the most powerful and popular forms of home entertainment. You will find out all you could ever need to know, want the Best Kodi Box? This is the place for you.. and we’ll help you get the most out of your Kodi Box too!

Kodi, for the uninitiated, is a one open source form of software to be used for home entertainment and it is completely free. It was originally designed for the XBox and was known then as the XBox Media Center. Since then though, the software has evolved and become an entity in its own right.

Compared to other services such as Plex and Chromecast, Kodi is run by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit organisation and is being upgraded and modified constantly by many hundreds of coders throughout the world. Since it was first created and released in 2003, it has been shaped and moulded by over 500 software developers and over 200 different translators.

After it evolved from being used just by XBox, it has been designed to run on home servers connected to large televisions and home computers, pulling the content directly into your living room. Changes and alterations to the software and new releases have also meant it can be run on various tablets and smartphones.

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What Is A Kodi (XBMC) Android TV Box?

One of the reasons Kodi is so popular and considered one of the best streaming apps available at the moment is that it can be installed on virtually anything. If you use the right skin, Kodi can work on anything as powerful as a Macbook Pro or as small as a Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, if you do use one of these devices for the app, you will find that you have to connect and disconnect constantly whenever you want to use it for something other than Kodi. This is why it is worth considering a Kodi box, and why we have created this website all about them.

A Kodi box is simply a completely dedicated streamer used for streaming content with Kodi alone, which means it can sit under your TV at all times just like your DVD/Blu-Ray Player and other consoles you have connected to your television. As you will see throughout this site, there are many different types and models of Kodi android TV boxes.

Benefits Of A Kodi (XBMC) Android TV Box

Although some of the benefits have been touched upon on this very page, we felt it was worthwhile highlighting them as they really show the value of investing in an actual physical Kodi Android TV box.

Completely Free – Apart from the initial cost of the actual TV box itself, the content is available through the software for free. That’s hundreds and thousands of TV channels, TV shows, movies, music and many other forms of home entertainment for no money whatsoever. Making it the perfect alternative to Amazon Prime, Netflix and similar subscription-based services.

Fully Dedicated Streaming Device – If you have ever used the Kodi app you will know that it runs rather well on most modern computers, smartphones and tablets. The problem is that if you choose to use one of your hand-held devices to run Kodi, you will find that you have to go through the process of connecting and disconnecting the streaming service every time you need to use your device for one of its other functions. As a Kodi box is a dedicated streaming device, you can keep it plugged in, connected to your TV and wireless connection and use it as and when you like without disrupting any of your other devices.

What Do You Need For A Kodi (XBMC) Android TV Box?

As discussed further up this page, a Kodi (XBMC) Android TV Box is all you need to enjoy one of the widest selections of streamed television shows, movies, music and other forms of home entertainment from the comfort of your own home. When you purchase a Kodi Android TV Box, the great thing is that you probably already have everything you need.

As you will see from the following brief and simple guide, it is very easy to set-up your Kodi Android Box.

Step 1 – You need to first connect your Kodi TV Box up to your television, using a HDMI cable.
Step 2 – Next you need to plug your Kodi box into the mains outlet and switch it on.
Step 3 – Before you can start streaming various forms of entertainment into your living room, you need to connect your box to your home Wi-Fi internet connection. This is just as easy to do with your Kodi box as it is with your mobile phone, games consoles or tablet.
Step 4 – Go to Kodi through your TV and enjoy free content in the form of TV channels, TV shows, movies, music and so very much more.

So! Feel free to browse our guide or if you’re interested in buying a kodi box, check our Kodi Box Reviews.