Bqeel MXR Quad Core Kodi Android TV Box Review

Bqeel MXR Quad Core Kodi Android TV Box ReviewThe MXR by the curiously named company Bqeel, is a cute little black box that won’t look out of place next to your modern Blu-Ray player, video games consoles and that nice wide screen television you have.

This is yet another of our top picks of what is available for sale on Do you remember when set-top boxes were all the rage and in order to have access to a considerably limited number of channels, you had to pay even more than the cost of this particular Kodi android TV box. Which is quite astounding when you consider what this product can do, alongside being one the best streaming decides on the market.

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Up To Date With Current OS Version

Having a great and powerful operating system is important with a streaming device because the last thing you want when you are streaming a TV show, sports event or film is the for the streaming to drop because of server issues or for there to be constant stalls during playback. To ensure this does not happen it has the most recent version of Google’s operating system. The update is affectionately known as 5.1 or Lollipop.

Powerful Under The Hood

The bits you don’t see in a product like this are the parts that are perhaps the most important. This particular android TV box comes with a CPU that means everything runs a little faster than some of its competitors.

Access Many Of The Most Popular Apps

If you find the screen on your tablet and mobile phone is not particularly fun to use the play this game or use this app, then you should give thought to this Bqeel. Not only are all the regular Kodi add-ons(we will speak about them in a moment), you can also access a wide variety of apps such as You Tube, Flixster, Hulu and Netflix. When you find yourself feeling a little bored though, it is many of the games available on the android market or the Amazon AppStore are now fully compatible with this box meaning you can use all your favourite social media sites and apps through the television, as well as using it to make video calls on Skype, You are also not limited to streaming from just the apps that work and the many different add-ons with streaming content there are. You can also view content from a HDD, a U disk and even your SD cad.

Bqeel MXR Quad Core Kodi Android TV Box ReviewBig Screen, Better Quality, More Convenient

It can be fun playing games and watching videos on your mobile phone,we are sure you will agree. However, what’s not fun is the crap you get from cranking your neck to look at the screen or just how small it is. Now you don’t need to worry about any of that, if you invest in this Kodi TV box, and last but by no means least as it is one of the most important reasons for purchasing this type of device is the amount of money you could and can save from cancelling your main digital TV packages. Although you may lose access to some channels, what you lose in that sense you gain more from owning this box.

Great And Useful Extras

This box is very versatile when it comes to connectivity as there are options for connecting up USB 2.0 devices and there is even space for a 3G dongle.

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In summary, we aren’t wishing to repeat ourselves as to why we think this is such a good bargain and worth giving serious thought as to whether or not you will buy this particular model or not. We will say this – look at the specifications list, look at everything it gives you and you can do with it, then take a look at the price. You now have to ask yourself if you can really afford to pass up on this kind of deal. Of the people who bought and reviewed this through Amazon, Only a small number scored it anything less than 5 out of 5 stars. If you want to watch movies, us your favourite apps, communicate with family and friends on social media, play games, watch old TV shows or watch some live sport, and don’t want to pay the world for it. Say hello to the Bqeel.