DROIBOX Nano 4K Android Smart TV Player

DROIBOX Nano 4K Android Smart TV PlayerGetting the right Kodi box will ensure that you are able to get a huge amount of flexibility in what you watch when you are at home.

In the case of the DROIBOX Nano 4K Android 6.0 TV Box Ultra HD Smart TV Player Quad Core Amlogic S905X, this device gives the user sufficient power and versatility to enjoy a huge amount of fun in the way that best suits them.

It has a range of attractive features that lift it up into the category of Kodi box that should definitely be considered by new users. It isn’t the cheapest model around but it does offer impressive specifications that give a high level of performance.

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DROIBOX Nano 4K Features

With a powerful penta core GPU and quad code processor, this Kodi box is capable of streaming 4K Ultra HD and 3D videos without any problems. If you have a 4K television in your house then it is definitely a good idea to get a device of this standard to let you enjoy high quality streaming on it.

It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and can play online content using Wi-Fi or Ethernet, or from a storage device such as a USB drive or memory card instead.

The box contains 1GB DDR3 memory together with 8GB of SSD storage. It is also worth taking into account that the DROIBOX Nano 4K Android 6.0 TV Box comes with a one year guarantee for UK purchasers, as well as a free online OTA update.

The A+++ rating of this Kodi box means that it has a low energy consumption of an estimated 45 kilowatt hours each year if used for 4 hours a day every day of the year.

The package comes complete with the box itself, a remote control, a user manual, HDMI cable and power adapter. The box is extremely small and light, so it is very easy to move from one room to another as needed.


  • Very small and light Kodi box
  • Excellent for 4K streaming
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with good instructions
  • One year UK warranty


  • A few customers have complained of the device not working, although this isn’t a common complaint

Customer Ratings

Most of the customers who have left online reviews state that they are happy with the DROIBOX Nano 4K Android 6.0 TV Box.
Among the most positive comments are those stating that the box does exactly what they wanted it to, in terms of giving them easy access to a huge amount of home entertainment. Many have also found it very easy to get started with and then use.

The great box size and the useful remote control are a couple of the other factors that have drawn praise from a number of happy customers.

In terms of more negative comments, there is a complaint that is commonly seen on reviews of all types of Kodi box. This is that the box itself freezes after a few weeks of use.

This isn’t a problem that only occurs on the DROIBOX Nano 4K box and it is always worth trying some trouble-shooting if you come across this problem on any sort of box.

Overall, the online reviews for this device are very positive and are sure to encourage many more people to choose one. You are never going to keep everyone happy with this kind of device but the manufacturers have done a good job in delivering a product that has met with very good reviews.

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With this Kodi box you can enjoy more great movies and shows at home than ever before. The sleek design and easy to use system make this a fantastic way of getting more viewing fun at home at any time.

If you are looking for a powerful Kodi player that can stream 4K videos and that offers an easy viewing experience then the DROIBOX Nano 4K box is a solid choice that is very unlikely to let you down.

Give it a try and you could find that it changes the way that you spend your spare time forever.