Exodus Not Working? Tips & Fixes 

exodus not workingThe Exodus add-on for your Kodi box will give you a lot of amazing entertainment options at your fingerprints.

This is a brilliant way of streaming at home and it is easy to tinker with and customize too.

Yet, some people find that they have some issues getting Exodus to work on their box. Thankfully, the following tips and fixes will get you back up and running without any problems.

Getting Set Up Properly

Getting started in the right way can avoid most problems from occurring later on. To do this you need to first of all connect your Kodi box to the internet. Check that you are connected but don’t enter into any add-on.
Instead, you should wait 10 minutes or so for the add-ons to update automatically. You are then ready to use the latest version of Exodus, which should solve a lot of the most common problems.

Update Exodus

Updating Exodus is a simple way of fixing a number of different issues. To do this you need to go into Kodi and choose “System” followed by “Settings”, “Add-ons” and then “Video Add-Ons”.

You can now choose Exodus and then click where it says “Update”. Follow the on-screen prompts and then simply wait for the notification to arrive saying that the update has been carried out.


To try this problem solving option you need to go to “System” followed by “Settings” and then “Add-ons”. Then you need to go to “Install from ZIP” and select “fusion/kodi-scripts/script-module-urlresolver3.0.X.zip”.

Clear Providers and Cache

You might find that you can sort out your problems by trying this approach. You need to open Kodi and then Exodus before selections “Tools”.

You can then clear the providers and cache before rebooting Kodi.

Check if Your ISP Is Blocking You

A pretty common problem is that your ISP is stopping the links from working. This seems to be a particularly troublesome issue for British Kodi box owners using Sky Broadband and a few other suppliers.

If you want to find out if this is the problem then you can simply try opening the same links using 3G or 4G on your phone or tablet. Alternatively, you could try using your box at a friend or relative’s house.

Disable Settings on the Router

It may also be necessary to disable some of the settings on your router. This might sound worryingly difficult but it is actually pretty easy to do.

This will block the internet security settings that can stop you from getting hold of the content you are after. Of course, you will also need to make sure that your device is safe from viruses and hackers when you do this.

The current instructions are as follows:

BT Users
In this case, you need to disable the Smart Setup. This can generally be done by going in to “Advanced Settings”, typing the admin password and then continuing.

At this point you can go to the “Home Network” option and then “Smart Setup”. Choose to turn it off then “apply”.

Sky Users
Sky internet users need to disable the Sky Shield. Rather than turning it off altogether, a better move is to change it to the 18 rating as this will keep you protected while letting you access Exodus.

You need to sign in to broadbandshield.sky.com using your allocated ID. After scrolling down you will see the options to switch it off or change the rating.

After you do this it may take up to 15 minutes for the change to take place and your Kodi box to be able to access Exodus.

EE Broadband
If this is your internet provider then you need to turn off the content lock and safeguard to be able to view the content that most interests you. You can do this by going in to My EE and following the instructions.

You need to get started here by going into “My Account” and then choosing the “Security hub” options followed by “HomeSafe”.
If this doesn’t work then you might need to speak to TalkTalk and ask them to turn it off on your behalf.

If you get your broadband through Virgin then you have to disable your Virus Safe, and possibly Child Safe as well. You can do this in the Web Safe zone.

Check Your Computer’s AntiVirus Setting

You might find that the anti-virus software on your PC is blocking your access. In this case, the best thing to do is to add an exception that allows you to use your Kodi box in the way that you want to.

If you can’t do this then you might have to turn off the anti-virus, although this isn’t ideal because it leaves you unprotected.

Use a VPN

If you still can’t get the access you need but your 3G or 4G connection is fine then it may be time to try a VPN. This is a virtual private network and finding one to use shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Some are free and some need to be paid for. It makes sense to try a few free ones to see if you can find one that fixes the problem at no cost.

Fix Wrong Episode Issues

Can you get in to Exodus but find that it plays the wrong episodes? To try and fix this you need to go in to Exodus and then “Tools” followed by “Providers”.

You should then disable Afdah, reboot and then look to see if the issue has been resolved.

If you still get the wrong episodes then then try disabling MoviesHD before rebooting. If the issue persists then try disabling Torba and rebooting, and finally Ymovies before rebooting.

You Can’t See Movie/TV Information

If the problem is that you can’t see Movie/TV information then the best approach is to change the settings so that it is now media info or fanart instead of thumbnail.

It sometimes gets updated to thumbnail automatically when updating.

You Only See Old Movies

A baffling problem you might come across is when you only see movies from a set year, with 1970 being a common year in this case.

In this case, you should check that you have an active internet connection and that the time and date settings are right on your Kodi box.

You Lose Your Favourite Show and/or Latest Episodes

This issue doesn’t have a solution at the time of writing. Therefore, you need to do a manual search for whatever it is that you want to watch.

This should work fine, as the problem doesn’t involve the shows disappearing completely from the system.

Factory Restore

If nothing has worked so far then restoring the factory settings could do the trick. This will make you lose your settings and installed add-ons, so you will probably want to try the other tips before doing this.

To restore the factory setting your need to go into “System” followed by “File Manager” and “Add Source” and “None”. Then type in “http://fusion.tvaddons.ag” followed by Done.

Below where it says “Enter a name for this media Source” you need to highlight the box and type “fusion” before choosing Ok.
Return to the Home Screen, go into “System” followed by “Add-ons” and “Install from zip file”. Choose “fusion” and then “begin-here” followed by “plugin.program.indigo-1.0.2.zip”.

Once you get the notification that the add-on has been enabled you can go back to Home and choose “Program Add-one” followed by “Indigo” and then “Factory Restore”.

Follow the prompts now and wait for the notification. You can then reboot Kodi and then open it. Choose “Program Add-ons” and then “Indigo” then “Add-on Installer”. At this stage you can add your add-ons again.

Rejuvenate Kodi from Indigo

The last resort left open to you is to Rejuvenate Kodi from Indigo. This could leave you having to un-install Kodi and reboot. You can then start all over again with your fingers crossed.

Hopefully one of these solutions work and you can get Exodus back up and running perfectly again.