GFtime MX9 Kodi Android TV Box Review

GFtime MX9 Kodi Android TV Box ReviewThe interesting thing you find when you start looking into these Kodi boxes, like the other ones spoken of on this site, is that there many different types and they all have their own little selling points. Take this one for instance, the Gftime MX9 Kodi box, this is in many ways a lot similar to others on this site, but it does have some very interesting features that make it stand out in its own right.

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Pre-Installed Video Software

Most Kodi boxes come with the standard XBMC/Kodi software already preconfigured onto them. However, this box goes one step further and doesn’t just have the Kodi software pre-installed on it, as it also has things like Cloud TV, Netflix and You Tube already on there. So in order to get this machine working and watching some free, streamed comment, you have to do even less than what you have to do with other boxes.

Fully Compatible With 4K

The next wave of cutting edge televisions, if you didn’t know, after HD and 3D, is 4K. While not every television by standard works with 4K technology, it is very much the sign of things to come and this Kodi box was been designed to function with the most up to date digital television advances.

Google Play Pre-installed

What you will have undoubtedly noticed from other reviews of other boxes is that along with the add-ons that enable you to watch a wide variety of different types of content, from music to live TV and sport to reruns and classic movies; you can also run many of your favourite tablet and mobile phone apps through a Kodi box and this box is no different. In fact to make it easy to play your apps and look at your social networking accounts, Google Play is already pre-installed on the box. So, in order to get the games and apps you want for your box you simply have to click the Google Play Store logo and start. There are various other apps that come pre-installed as standard, so it offers you plenty to do.

Also Supports 3D And Blu-Ray Technology

Along with supporting the brand spanking new tech that is 4K, it also works with the even more widespread and commonly used 3D and Blu-Ray.

GFtime MX9 Kodi Android TV Box ReviewSlice Your Monthly TV Subscription Bills

Obviously, as we have said many times on this site, the biggest advantage of owning one of these boxes is just how much money it will save you in the long run. After paying the initial amount to own a box, you are then able to watch various streamed TV shows, movies, sports events, live TV, music videos, listen to radio and play games, all at no cost at all.

Easy To Connect Via Social Media

One of the fascinating things about a Kodi box is that on the surface it looks like just a jazzed up set-top box. And even when you just consider the amount of content that becomes available and open to you just by owning one of these devices, you will find you have enough to do. But as we have seen throughout this review, and others on this site, there are so many different and cool things you can do, out-with actually watching televisual, movies and music content. You can for instance log into your favourite social media sites and even use Skype to connect with friends, family members, work colleagues etc. all from the same one spot in your front room.

The amazing thing is jus show easy it is to run this box. After initially plugging in the HDMI cable, plugging the mains adaptor into the socket, there is so much already pre-installed and ready to use that without even looking at the various add-ons available, you have enough to do.

Great Little Extra

As there are 2 USB 2.0 ports in this particular Kodi box, you can even connect your mouse and keyboard up, to give you even more convenient use. Now you can use your television and Kodi box in the same way you do your computer. Browsing and typing is a lot easier when you have the mouse and keyboard plugged in.

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To summarise, if you are looking for a great Kodi box that gives you the access to lots of great channels, shows, films, music, apps, this is a good place to start looking Especially if on top of that all, you want a box that is versatile enough to help you use some of your favourite apps, maybe those that you use on your computer or mobile phone all the time.