How to Make Your Kodi Media Centre Even More Amazing

So you have your brand spanking new Kodi android TV box, and you really love that you are just a few clicks away from great TV, movies and other streamed content. What now though? Is that really all you can do with these great boxes that many see as the future of entertainment? Not at all. In the following post we show you some of the easy, but great ways you can really get the most out of your Kodi box.

Watch You Tube On Your Kodi Box

If you are a fan of music or like watching funny clips, or segments from your favourite shows using You Tube,you may not have known that you can actually install The You Tube app/add-on. That is unless your box already comes with You Tube pre-installed, a trend that is becoming more commonplace. If you can get your hands on a USB keyboard to use instead of your remote, we recommend that you do as it will enhance the experience and make it less complicated to search for things on apps like You Tube.

Transfer Content From Your Phone To Your Kodi Box

You may not have heard of Pushbullet yet, but after reading this we are sure you will want to download and install the app soon after – it really is that good. Pushbullet is essentially one of the most versatile and easiest to use device-bridging services we have ever come across. It is most commonly know as being used to send data from PC to mobile phone and vice versa, but it also can be used effectively with your Kodi box.

How does it actually work? Well, let’s say we are browsing the internet from our phone or perhaps even our computer and we hear an audio clip, see an image or a video and want to view it on our television. You just need to long press on the piece of content or right click the icon and then use the “Push this to Kodi” button to view your bookmarked piece of content on your television. If you think that’s all there is to it, be prepared to love this app even more.

You can even set up Pushbullet to work with Kodi in different ways, including having phone notifications displayed on your television and setting a special trigger that will stop whatever your watching and pause it when your phone rings.

View BBC iPlayer On Kodi

There is an official BBC iPlayer that you may not have seen yet. So if you are a fan of EastEnders, Dr Who and so much more of the great content that BBC airs throughout the year, you can use the app through your Kodi box and never miss anything again.

Netflix On Kodi – How?

If you are going to invest in something like a Kodi box then it is probably important to you that you have all your favourite and most used streaming apps in one place. It just makes things easier and more convenient. You can view Netflix content on your Kodi box via the Flix2Kodi app.

Access All The News That Matters To You Most

Regardless of which way you prefer to get your intake of news, whether its from newspapers, online or the news on TV, it is always dictated by someone else. What you see is not always what you want to hear about. Thanks to the various aggregative add-ons available for Kodi, you can enjoy a more streamlined selection of new from TV and other sources and search and find all relevant news connected to a particular event or topic you are interested in.

Games Games Games

There are various ways you can play games on your Kodi box. One of the most obvious, when you consider that the majority of apps and games available on Google Play Store are compatible with most Kodi android TV box, is to download apps of your favourite games or that you just love playing and then with the addition of a controller you can play until your hearts content. There are also various add-ons that enable you to download and find other great and addictive games to play.

While you may have been aware of some of these suggestions, we really hope it proved to be a worthwhile read and gave you some hints and tips to expand your Kodi experience. With Kodi boxes there really is something for everything.