Matricom G-Box Q2 Quad Kodi Android TV Box Review

Matricom G-Box Q2 Quad Kodi Android TV Box ReviewBy far the most expensive Kodi box we have reviewed for this site so far, is the Matricom G-Box Q-2 quad android TV box. Why is it so expensive? Well we think, for what you actually get, it is not that expensive, but we understand that not everyone has as loose a budget and need more than just “it’s really good” as proof that it’s worth parting with their hard earned money for. As you will see from the following review though, there is much to love about this particular box.

What’s In The Box?

To Fully justify the cost, we felt it was a good idea to look at what you actually get in the box when you open It up. There is the actual Matricom G-Box Q2 with a SD Card slot, Optical Slot, Ethernet Port, 2 USB Ports and an HDMI Port. The box is fully ready to rock and roll from the moment you take it out of its box.

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Powerful And Attractive Specification

Not only does the Matricom G-Box Q2 have a an updated version of the CPU found in a previous model, the Quad Core CPU replacing the Dual Core, it also capable of a transfer speed of 750Mps thanks to the 802.11ac protocol, which is handy when the main use of this box will be to stream videos and other types of content and with that transfer speed it means you will have less delays and things will just stream smoother and download faster.

Additionally, memory space is very important when it comes to streaming video and audio and the G2 Kodi box from Matricom runs with 2GB of RAM, which is more than enough and there is a full 16GB of storage which is more than enough to store all your favourite apps and add-ons, as well as having a cool skin to customise how your screens look.

Matricom G-Box Q2 Quad Kodi Android TV Box ReviewGreat Apps And Add-Ons Pre-Installed

The G2 box comes with many of the things you would expect to find when you first turn it on such as the MoviePlayer, MediaCentre and Gallery. There is also a clock, Google Play Store app, Email, Calculator, App Installer and a browser. There are actually so many features that are similar to those you would find on a tablet or a smartphone. In many ways it could be likened to being a DVD Player, streaming centre, radio, set-top box, mobile phone and tablet all in one.

There is also options for you to use your favourite social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter and you can even chat with people from all over the world using Skype. We have to admit that the gimmicky side of being able to voice and video chat on Skype via the big television in the living room sounds a lot of fun.

Save Money

One of the best things about this box, just like any other Kodi box we have listed on this site, is just how much money you can save by using it. Sure, you have to pay just a little short of £100 to buy it, but we promise you that there is no way you cannot make that money back in what you save on unnecessary subscription fees. Using a wide selection of the add-ons available for Kodi you can view live sports, TV shows, TV channels, movies, listen to music and so much more and all that for absolutely no cost at all.

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If you are looking for a very powerful Kodi box and have a reasonable budget, you could do a lot worse than investing in the Matricom G-Box G2 box. Not only does it do all the things you’d expect it to – stream music, films, TV channels and TV shows to name a few, into your front room, there are various other great features and with the addition of a USB keyboard, you can have an experience.

Obviously it is all down to personal choice and preference, but if you don’t want to wrestle with complicated instructions and trying to do everything from scratch, it is worth thinking about this box because most of the things you need to get started are working from the first time you switch it on. With 16GB of memory space and 2GB of ram, you know it will run even the more temperamental apps, add-ons and streaming links as well as it can.