How Much Should You Spend On a Kodi Box? 

kodi box priceFinding the right Kodi box at the perfect price will give you a whole new world of entertainment options without breaking the bank.

This media player will let you watch whatever you want at the time that suits you. So, how much should you expect to pay for this pleasure?

The fact is that there are now many different Kodi boxes around at varying prices. Which of the following options best suits you?

The Bargain Options

For as little as £35 / $40 or so you can get hold of a Fire TV stick. The Bqeel MX Pro and the Coolead M8S are other budget options at around the same price. Another model to look out for in this price range is the Droibox Nano 4K, which is one of the relatively few devices at this cost level that support 4K.

Meanwhile, a little over double that price will give you the more powerful Fire TV option, still at a fairly cheap price.
One of the big advantages to the Fire options is that they were already around before Kodi was added, so they work as devices in their own right rather than simply as a Kodi player.

The cheapest models offer a very affordable way to try out online streaming in a convenient way without spending much on it at all. Any of these budget Kodi boxes and players will carry out the basics without any fuss.

The biggest drawback to the cheapest models tends to be a relative lack of memory space. Expect to find something like 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage on these devices, together with a quad-core 2GHz processor and an octa-core GPU.

In addition, the Fire TV Stick won’t run 4K videos and won’t accept USB sticks or memory cards. The lack of 4K capability is a common issue on budget players.

Another point to bear in mind is that you have less opportunities for tinkering around with these devices than with some of the more expensive ones we will look at later on.

Overall, these budget options let you get started on exploring the joys of Kodi easily and a cost that just about anyone can afford.

The Mid-Price Range

At around £100 / $121, the GEM Box is a good example of a mid-price Kodi box that can give you a lot of entertainment at a very reasonable cost. The WeTek Core and the Matricom G-Box Q2 are a couple of other options that come in at around the same price.

For this price you should expect slightly higher specifications than with the budget models we looked at earlier. The memory, for example, is likely to be 16GB or more in this price range.

Some boxes that lie in the mid-price sector will handle 4K video playback but others won’t, so you will want to look into this issue if it is important to you. If you have a 4K TV then it really makes sense to find a box that lets you see its full capabilities.

Some boxes around this price are aimed more at gamers – as it the case with the GEM Box that uses Gamefly services, initially on a free trial.

These mid-priced devices are probably enough to keep most of us happy just now but you may find that one become obsolete, or at least less impressive, more quickly than you had expected.

Top of the Range

With bundles starting at £150 / $180, the Nvidia Shield is one of the most powerful and most expensive ways to get started with Kodi.

This is an incredibly powerful box that comes with the Tegra X1 processor, 3GB of RAM and 16GB or 500GB or internal storage space. The Shield can easily handle 4k video playback and is great for film buffs, serious gamers and those who want to tinker around with their devices.

This is the kind of Kodi box that is very easy to set up and that should give you enough power, flexibility and memory to make it useful for years to come. It isn’t cheap but it is an interesting option for someone who wants the best.

raspberry piMake Your Own

If you love getting creative and making your own gadgets then you could build your own Kodi box from scratch with the Raspberry Pi. The basic device costs £30 / $35 and the overall cost should be around £50 / $60.

This is a smart choice if you like to customize everything that you use and you also have the time to do so. You will find information and tutorials online to get you started on this project.

Using a Raspberry Pi isn’t for everyone but it will give you a tremendous sense of satisfaction as well as a cheap but very effective Kodi box.

How Much Can You Afford?

As we have seen, paying a bit more for your Kodi box tends to give you a better device and more versatile ways of using it. It should also ensure that it runs more smoothly and stays useful for longer.

Things like 4K video playback and internal storage space might not seem awfully important just now but you might regret not getting the best possible specifications further on down the line.

If you can afford to pay a little bit more just now then you will get a Kodi box that you get more out of in the long run. Considering how often you are likely to use this incredible media player, it makes sense to aim for the best model that you can afford.

When working out your budget you might also like to take into account the ways that this great gadget will save money, both immediately and in the long term. For example, if it is going to give you the chance to cancel your expensive subscription TV services then you might feel happier about paying a bit more.

The model you choose and the amount you pay will ultimately come down to your own personal taste and budget. By taking some time over the decision you can get exactly what you need at a price that suits you.