Setting Up Your Kodi (XBMC) Android TV Box

As you will know from reading any of the pages on this site, the Kodi (XBMC) android TV box is a great way to enjoy free entertainment content streamed straight into your television so you can enjoy movies, TV channels, TV shows and so much more from your armchair. Setting it up is very easy, as you will discover from this page. We will also give you helpful information on add-ons, skins and some other handy tips and advice that will help you get the most out of using your device.

Setting It Up

Once you have removed the box from its box you need to connect it up to your television via an HDMI cable into the relevant port in the back or side of your television. Even if your box did not come with a HDMI cable, they are relatively cheap to buy online brand new. Once you have connected the box to your TV you then need to plug the machine into the nearest mains outlet and switch it on. The next step is setting up an internet connection

Setting Up Wi-Fi

Unless you are using an Ethernet cable and connection, you will want to set-up the Kodi so it connects to your home broadband service via your Wi-Fi Router. Streamed content is only available online so this is the only way you can do this. The great news is that it is just as easy to set-up the Wi-Fi connection for this as it was for your mobile phone, tablet, video games console or even laptop and/or desktop computers. Follow the instructions and type in the relevant pass codes and you will be connected within a few short moments. Now, you really should get some add-ons.

Installing Add-Ons

By now you will be wanting to see some of that entertainment and television programming you were promised when you invested in your Kodi box. In order to do this you need to install some of the great third-party apps available. If you are unsure which add-ons you should go for, why not try our favourites? There are almost too many to really go into which is why we are only highlighting a few. Don’t let the quantity overwhelm you because as you become more familiar with how it works, you will find it much it very easy to add more at a later date.


It’s just the undoubted #1 add-on (for TV and Movies) – this should be your first port of call.


If you are a big fan of sport, this is one of the most reliable of all the sports sections of all Kodi add-ons. As well as sports, you will also find a great selection of movie, TV, music and animé add-ons here.


The Phoenix add-on comprises of 4 different contributors and features a variety of different categories for different types of content. This is a particularly useful add-on for keeping all your new movies and TV shows organised and it gives them direct links for easier selection.


Evolve is a relatively new Kodi add-on and has 8 -9 contributors who provide interesting and unique content.

Kodi Home ScreenMulti-Source Kodi Add-Ons

The Multi-Source Kodi add-ons take movie and TV links from various streaming sources and sites around the world to give you the best selection at the expense of decent links seeing as streaming sites often encounter issues because they are changed, replaced or just go offline.

Below are some of the best:

  • Exodus
  • Pulsar
  • Entertainment Hub
  • The Royal We
  • Stream All The Sources beta
  • Velocity

Single-Source Kodi add-ons

In comparison to multi-source, as the name suggests, single source add-ons take streams from just one single source or website. If you have ever used Kodi for streaming in the past, you will be familiar with many of these names:

  • TVonline
  • Jango (music)
  • MovieHut
  • LatestDude
  • More
  • Power
  • Icefilms
  • Kids Movies

Live Sports

Live Sports is the place you really want to go to see some live sports. It is important to keep in mind though, because sports are very popular, the good streaming sources tend to get too many users for their bandwidth and then is removed or changes names.

Installing a Skin

Although this part of the process is not necessary, you may want to jazz up how your Kodi screen looks and you can do this by choosing a skin you particularly like. Skins are very easy to set-up and you have a wide variety to choose from. Some of our favourites include:

  • Mario
  • Aeon MQ6 (if you are an expert using Kodi)
  • Bello
  • Arctic Zephyr