Tonbux M8S Kodi Android TV Box Review

Tonbux M8S Kodi Android TV Box ReviewCosting a little more than many of the others highlighted on this site, the Tonbux M8S Kodi android TV box still boosts impressive value for money. Most Kodi boxes available at the moment can be used as so much more than just devices for streaming content through your television They can also be used to keep up with what’s happening on social media sites and so much more.

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Forget Those Monthly Subscription Fees

Have you ever wondered why you are paying so much for television channels and services you barely have time to use? With the M8S and like most other Kodi android TV boxes, you don’t have that problem because once you pay the initial retail price of the box and as long as you have a decent wireless internet connection, you can access and use any of the add-ons, apps, channels and more for absolutely free.

Stunning 4K

HD and even 3D are being pushed to one side with modern television models coming equipped with 4K capabilities, This is where this cool little box, the Tonbux really proves its worth as it as been designed and built to support resolutions up to 4096 x 2160, which enables you to view your favourite movies and TV shows much more clearly than ever before.

Powerful Processor And RAM

It would be something of a shame to pay the small amount of money this device costs and to have a ll those apps and add-ons at the touch of few clicks, if they were never going to run smoothly or load quickly. Fortunately the Tonbux M8S comes with a 2.0GHz Amlogic S812 Processor , one that is very much a standard you should be looking for in a Kodi Android TV box.

Lots Of RAM and ROM

RAM is important as this also plays a part in how monthly and quickly a Kodi android TV will work. If you decide to invest in the Tonbux machine, you will be surprised at the fact it has “GB of RAM, which is more than enough to have various apps and add-ons running simultaneously without it affecting the performance of anything on the machine.

Dual Channel Wi-Fi

If you have problems with your normal Wi-Fi connection supporting various devices and machines connected to your network, you may want to take note of a clever aspect of the Tonbux’s android TV box/ Unlike many devices, that all rely on one single channel Wi-Fi connector, the M8S comes with dual channel Wi-Fi Having two channels means that you will never have issues with connecting to the broadband connection in your home and all your entertainment will be able play uninterrupted.

Tonbux M8S Kodi Android TV Box ReviewBuilt In Kodi XBMC Media Centre

Kodi, as you will be aware if you have looked at other pages on this site, began life as an app and was designed for use with the Xbox. However, it has become so much more now. You no longer have to download the software as it comes pre-installed and configured on this Kodi box. This means that from the moment the Tonbux M8S arrives at your home, you will be able to take it out and once you have connected the box to your television via the HDMI cable and once have plugged it into a wall socket and switched it on, you will be able to find something you like or something you are interested in watching and watch it. The only things you might have to download from the get go are some very specific add-ons that you have used before or something you’ve read about. The vast majority of apps you are going to want to use from the beginning will already be there, waiting for you.

Useful Extras

As you will notice from the picture, along with the dual Wi-Fi and some of the other bits of spec that make this stand out from the crowd, is a very useful accessory. This is in the form of a completely free USB wireless keyboard. Seeing as you will be able to use many game apps and social media sites, it makes sense to have a keyboard for easier typing and filling out online forms etc.

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In Summary

If you are looking for a great way to save money on those expensive TV package deals and monthly subscriptions and want something able to work well with your modern television, you should give the M8S from Tonbux some serious consideration. Although it may be more expensive than a lot of models, with the addition of a free keyboard and lots of great spec it really gives you a lot of bang for the buck.