Our Top 5 Best Kodi (XBMC) Add-Ons

Whether you really love watching films and TV shows or are a massive fan of sports such as football or cricket, you will love Kodi. The Kodi Android TV box is a great piece of streaming equipment and allows you to watch almost anything for absolutely free. Unlike Apple TV, Amazon and other services like Plex, Kodi is completely open-source so it can be customised to your own needs and this also means that there are a wide array of add-ons available for your box.

If you want to access your Netflix and other subscription based services all in one place, want to watch hours of movies and listen to new and interesting radio shows, there is undoubtedly a Kodi add-on for you. As there is literally too many to discuss in any great detail we have decided to present to you our top 5 Kodi add-ons, that are more than worthy of your consideration.


Genesis was one of the best add-ons available on Kodi, but things eventually took something of a turn for the worst with dead links and streams always being given. When Genesis died out though, the makers of that add-on designed and introduced Exodus and it is already fast becoming one of the best, multi-source add-ons.


Velocity is still in its infancy but is clipping the heels of many add-ons that have been running for years. Why is that? It is because it is incredibly easy to use and has been designed so that anyone can use it and crucially, offers more stability when it comes to streams and links. As an additional pro in favour of Velocity, if you have children it is definitely worth considering. There are two separate varieties – one for grown-ups and one for younger viewers called Velocity Kids. This is a great way to prevent your children from seeing content you’d rather they didn’t.


Salts, or Stream All The Sources, was developed by the same people that brought the add-on 1Channel.ch and the name is as self-explanatory as you’d expect. One of the reasons this add-on has become so popular in so little time is thanks to fact it is not only easy to install, very easy to use, as well as being incredibly smooth and fast running.

Best XBMC Add-OnsPhoenix

If you are looking for the place where the best quality and greatest volume of content is, it’s Phoenix. It was designed and is managed by the team behind Mashup, which was originally one of the best add-ons. Furthermore, it is fully supported by a fully dedicated team of experienced developers. What about the content? Well it is not just the volume of content that attracts users to Phoenix, it is the fact that almost everything it streams is in razor sharp quality. If that wasn’t enough to have you running to it straight away and downloading it, it is very quick to download and very easy to install too. When you are installing, it also gives you the option to choose a specific bit-rate if your internet connection is particularly weak.


While there are many add-ons on Kodi that offer you a very clean, clear and organised selection of content to choose from, Veetle does things slightly different. Veetle is very random. It is full of various streams of content from such wildly different categories such as old television show re-runs to extreme sports and so much more. It really gives you a mixed bag, meaning that each time you visit the add-on you can have a interesting and exhilarating experience. This is ideal for those times when you are all caught up on the current episodes of your favourite shows, have watched all the latest movies you are interested in and are looking for something else.

The above list, as we stated from the outset is by no means exhaustive but really there is far too much to mention in one post. These are some of our favourites and we hope you like them too. Even if you don’t, trying out these will get you familiar with the process of installing and using different add-ons through your box.

Really, the one way to have at your fingertips all the content you could ever want to explore, watch and enjoy, is with a Kodi android TV box, and the add-ons are a great way to navigate through the thousands upon thousands of sources and links.